BOTH BILL AND JANEAN FULLER are certified as Master-Level Christian Mind-Body Work (N.E.T. Neuro-Emotional Technique, T.F.T. Thought-Field Therapy, E.M.D.R. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Spiritual Warfare and Applied Kinesiology) practioners from the Splankna Institute. They've also been trained in Advanced Theophostic Prayer ministry. Bill and Janean were married in 2004 after living 20 years as single, celibate believers. They have 5 children between them, and three grandchildren.


JANEAN FULLER has 20 years experience in counseling families, singles and survivors of sexual abuse. She received a master’s degree in Biblical Counseling under the direction of Dr. Larry Crabb at Colorado Christian University. She completed 5 advanced-level, post-graduate courses (150 classroom hours) in Human Sexuality, Sexual Dysfunctions, Medical Aspects of Sexual Functioning, Advanced Sex Therapy, Sexual Trauma and Abuse and Compulsive Addictive and Paraphilic Sexuality at the Institute for Sexual Wholeness. She completed her clinical supervision under the Christian Sex Therapist Dr. Douglas Rosenau (the author of Celebration of Sex Janean has been a guest adjunct professor at the Institute for Biblical Studies at Focus on the Family, and Colorado Christian University, and a national Single Parent Trainer for Crown Financial Ministries, and the author of several published magazine articles and radio commentaries for Focus on the Family and other Christian publications.

BILL FULLER has over 22 years experience as a Spiritual Formation Director, Pastoral Counselor and Associate/Small Groups Pastor for Hope Chapel and Torrance Christian Fellowship in California. Bill was an Adjunct Professor at Spirit of Life Bible College and the author of several Bible studies on New Covenant theology, grace, eternal security, salvation and he created training curricula for lay leaders. He was certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors in Human Sexuality. Bill holds a B.A. in Christian Leadership and Theology and was certified in Christian Formation and Soul Care at Denver Seminary.


Both of us came to know the Lord as adults and began attending a large church in Hermosa Beach called Hope Chapel. We met when Bill began leading a small group that I (Janean) attended. Newly separated from our first marriages, and both single parents we became friends and prayed with one another for the healing and reconciliation with our separate spouses. We spent four years together in a small group, attended single parent functions and went to family camps with our children. We lost touch for thirteen years when I (Janean) moved to Colorado Springs until our eldest daughters grew up and recognized each other at a mutual friend’s wedding. They connected us again and two years later we were married.

After we both were celibate for 20 years, and after completing the difficult job of being single parents we both shut-down our sexual desires, and consequently we both faced some sexual difficulties after marriage that we didn’t know how to deal with. We couldn’t find anywhere to turn; every time we brought up our sexual struggles to pastors, friends and even Christian counselors they would avoid the subject and become uncomfortable. We then searched for a Christian Sex Therapist in our community and found none. Many specialized in sexual addiction (which is completely different than working with sexual dysfunctions that hinder a couple’s intimacy) but we found no one who counseled couples in becoming “one". When we looked for information at the bookstore, we found many books on spirituality and making love especially in the Eastern tradition such as tantra sex or kama sutra, but very few books that celebrated the spirituality of Christian married love. Unfortunately, we have found that many Christians are uncomfortable reading the book of the Song of Solomon because it’s an erotic book of the Bible that celebrates new love, romance, and married love.


To some, it might seem sacrilegious to think of sex and God in the same breath. However, it’s clear from Scripture that not only does God think sex between a husband and wife isnt dirty but He actually celebrates their lovemaking. Consider this scripture from the book of the Song of Solomon 5:1. After Solomon and the Shulamite consummate their marriage the Lord speaks to them, “Eat friends; drink and imbibe deeply, O lovers."


We then decided to receive training in Human Sexuality (Bill) from the American Association of Christian Counselors and Clinical Christian Sex Therapy (Janean) from the Insitiute of Sexual Wholeness to help other couples like us, and we started out by using ourselves as guinea pigs. God began healing our trauma and that positively affected our sexual issues, however we believe we’ll never stop learning how to become more intimate with the Lord and each other! Now we work to encourage the couples we counsel to see the importance of making love to their spouse regularly. It’s a sacred act that is the only time they’re “one flesh" in the Lord spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It brings healing to the marriage and reflects how the marriage is doing outside the bedroom. Our hope is that the church will begin to embrace and encourage this holy union and become more comfortable with reaching out, and helping other couples sexually in the Body of Christ. And finally, our prayer is that all people will celebrate the God who created and ordained the beauty of making love in the context of a Christian marriage.


Sarah has just returned from a 2 year training as a Spiritual Director and in healing prayer with “Youth with a Mission" (YWAM). She is also certified as a beginner level Splankna Practioner. Her fees for Spiritual Direction and healing prayer are $60 a 50 session. Some clients who cannot afford our fees utilize her for the Christian mind-body work and purchase a study-at-home Clinical Sex Therapy Protocol from us. If this is your situation, please consider seeing Sarah. She si supervised by Janean in the Christian mind-body work, but she is a separate entity from us. She is a Spiritual Director and not a counselor. As our intern, she handles our intake calls, observes some sessions for supervision (only with the client’s permission), and is a personal assistant for our ministry.


Theo is our therapy dog. He is a golden retriever and is in continuous training. At this point, he loves to come to work with us and provide support when needed. He will come over and greet you, lay at your feet, cuddle up next to you on the couch, lay his head on your lap, put a paw on your knee if he discerns that you are in need. He has also developed a keen sense of awareness when a client is breaking agreements, lies or vows with the enemy. He often comes over and stands at attention while we lead you in prayer. If you prefer not to have him minister to you we can tell him to stay on his blanket behind our chairs.