“43% of women and 31% of men in America presently report experiencing some kind of sexual dysfunction." Rosen et al. (1999). Generally, sexual disorders fall into 4 categories:

  • Desire Disorders such as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, Sexual Aversion Disorder or Erotophobia
  • Pain Disorders such as vaginsimus, dyspareunia, vestibulitis and vaginistis,
  • Arousal Disorders such as Erectile Dysfunction
  • Orgasmic Disorders such as Inhibited Orgasm, or Anaorgasmia

The following are disorders we treat or behaviors the Lord wants to encourage and celebrate:

  • Creating Marital “Oneness"/Intimacy and the development of a Sexual Theology between an engaged or married couple (this is taught and experienced in our Romantic Couples Intimacy Retreat )
  • Sexual Desire/Initiation Issues (desire discrepencies between spouses. A “study-at-home" treatment protocol can be purchased for this issue. 
  • Sexual Aversion Disorder (phobic avoidance of any sexual behaviors – this disorder needs sex therapy and Christian mind-body work)
  • Communication/Relational/Intimacy Issues (couple’s counseling is needed)
  • Erectile Dysfunction (a “study-at-home" treatment protocol can be purchased) 
  • Premature Ejaculation (sex therapy is needed, however if you want to increase your ejaculatory control there is a “study-at-home" treatment protocol)
  • Sexual Release/Orgasmic Problems (sex therapy is needed for long term orgasmic issues or inhibited ejaculation, however a “study-at-home" treatment protocol can be purchased for learning how to become orgasmic) 
  • Sexual Arousal Concerns (sex therapy is needed)
  • Physical Pain (Dyspareunia/Vaginismus/Vestibulitis – there is a “study-at-home" treatment protocol for vaginismus, however many women need sex therapy and Christian mind-body work for emotional issues)
  • Intimacy Reintegration after one or both spouses has had an Affair/Addiction (Christian mind-body work and sex therapy is needed)
  • Sexual Wounding/Trauma (Christian mind-body work and counseling is needed)
  • Infertility (Grief and Increasing Odds – Christian mind-body work and counseling is needed for grief, and releasing blocked emotions)
  • Singles and Celibacy (the retreats Embracing Your Sexuality (for single women) and Sex and Your Masculinity (for single men) address this
  • Pre-marital Preparation for becoming intimate in your future marriage (a “study-at-home" treatment protocol can be purchased for this, this is also experienced in a fun, and informative way at the Couples Romantic Intimacy Retreat)
  • Compulsive/Addictive/Paraphilic Dysfunctions/Sexual Sin (Christian mind-body work and counseling is needed for this)

Your Marriage Can Reflect Christ’s Love


New Covenant GraceLife Ministries is a Christian, educational (New Covenant Grace and Shekinah Glory Intimacy Retreats), soul care (counseling and spiritual direction), evangelistic (saving the lost soul), and authentic Biblical community (spiritual formation communities) ministry. It was founded by Bill and Janean Fuller for the express purpose of duplicating the “Life of Christ” in the body of believers and the world at large through healing, counseling, spiritual formation, soul care, and authentic Biblical community.


We offer four (4) opportunities for personal healing, spiritual formation and recovery of the heart:

v  Individual, couples or family therapy: is a process whereby a counselee(s) seeks to resolve emotional, relational, sexual and/or spiritual difficulties with the assistance of a caring, trained counselor. If you find yourself reacting to life in inappropriate or destructive ways and feel unable to change, counseling can be life-transforming. As the Spirit leads, we always include the Splankna Christian mind-body protocol in our counseling sessions.

v  Individual Spiritual Direction: is a relationship built through prayer and dialogue between two people and the Holy Spirit. Its goal is to help to identify the movement of God in the ups and downs of life. By seeing what God is doing, the directee can learn to respond/move according to His sovereign plan and act according to His will. It encourages intimacy with God and spiritual maturity. As the Spirit leads, we always include Splankna or healing prayer in our spiritual direction sessions.

v  Intentional Spiritual Formation counseling groups: are places where we are safe to expose our sin to one another while looking ahead to each other’s glory, where intentional relating draws us from hiding, and where the sufficiency of Christ through the Holy Spirit causes lasting change. It is facilitated by Spiritual Directors or Shepherds whose own stories demonstrate their own need for this type of true authentic Biblical community.

v  Intensive Soul Care retreats: incorporate personal reflection, individual or couples counseling, spiritual direction, interactive Bible studies/journaling, Splankna or healing prayer, and intentional spiritual formation groups to address personal and relational brokenness over the course of several days. These activities are conducted at a retreat center in Colorado.


Our Qualifications:

Bill has over 25 years of experience as a spiritual formation Shepherd, pastoral counselor, and associate/small groups Pastor at various Hope Chapels and Torrance Christian Fellowship in California. Bill was an Adjunct Professor at Spirit of Life Bible College. His work is predominantly with men, and couples specializing in the spiritual aspects of sex therapy, loss of heart, religious recovery, divorce/single parenting, pastoral care, mind-body work, holistic nutrition, Exchanged Life counseling model, Splankna Christian mind-body work, Theophostic Prayer Ministry and healing prayer. He is also the author of numerous interactive Bible studies on: New Covenant theology, grace, eternal security, salvation, and training curricula’s for lay leaders and Spiritual Formation Shepherds. Bill completed training in Healthy Sexuality from the American Association of Christian Counselors’ university, the Advanced Theophostic prayer training, and certified as an Advanced Splankna Practitioner. Bill has a B.A. in Christian Leadership and Theology, a certification in Christian Formation and Soul Care at Denver Seminary and is currently seeking a Master of Arts in Christian Formation and Soul Care at Denver Seminary.


Janean has 20 years experience in counseling families, single parents, and survivors of sexual abuse in the arena of family education in social work. She received a Master of Arts degree in Biblical counseling under the direction of Dr. Larry Crabb atColorado Christian University. Her practicum was conducted under the supervision of Jan Meyers, LPC. Her work is generally with women, couples, and families, specializing in relationship issues, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, sex therapy, addictions, divorce/single parenting, loss of heart, parenting and healing prayer. She has completed 5 Advanced Post Graduate sex therapy courses (150 hours) from the Institute of Sexual Wholeness and is currently supervised by Dr Douglas Rosenau. The courses included an overview of Human Sexuality with a Christian worldview, Sexual Dysfunctions, Medical Issues that affect Sexuality, Sexual Trauma, Advanced Sex Therapy, and Addictive/Paraphilic Sexuality. Janean has been a guest professor for the Instituteof Biblical Studies at Focus on the Family, and a national single parent trainer and radio talk show guest for Crown Financial Ministries. Janean is a member in good standing with the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists. Janean is also certified as an Advanced Splankna Practitioner.


Our model of counseling/spiritual direction is narrative psychotherapy (thinking through mature living in your current situation in the context of your life story). We work within a biblical framework in terms of God’s design for the human heart, the reality of the fallen world, God’s redemption as provided in Jesus Christ, and the necessity and ongoing work of the Spirit for internal transformation. All of us, over the course of life have found ways to avoid pain by managing our lives apart from God, hiding our hearts, and our true identity. This inevitably shows up in patterns of self contempt, unbelief, fear, rebellion and pride. Part of our work together will involve discovering the particular ways you have done this, and to consider how Christ may want to release your heart from the bondage of those lies that are less than whom you were created to be; a Saint that has been given everything you need for life and godliness. We discover together ways you may be living in the Old Covenant of the law rather in the New Covenant of grace.


In the course of our relationship, we will use a ministry of Splankna mind-body work and healing prayer. We encourage this because you may have rehearsed the truth over and over in your mind, but until the truth is manifested in the broken life experiences of your past, and until the Lord reveals the truth in the lies and unhealthy vows of your heart, complete healing cannot take place. Therefore as the Spirit leads, our time together will include Splankna mind-body work/healing prayer.


We believe in treating the whole person: spiritually, emotional and physically. This is why we incorporate the Splankna healing protocol for emotional issues that are sometimes rooted subconsciously in the physical body. This intervention is based on the belief that the subconscious catalogues (like a computer’s hard drive) the individual’s life experiences and that previous trauma tends to cause current symptomology.


We strongly believe the Lord wants to recover your heart. Research by Damasio, (1994) has provided compelling evidence that the absence of emotion clearly impairs rather than enhances cognitive processes. Being unemotional and shutting down your heart goes hand in hand with emotional problems such as shallow affect (basically the inability to show compassion or empathy for others), a lack of an enriched emotional response, lack of passion and initiative, and a diminished sense of pleasure and pain. People with emotional intelligence have strong advantages in life and positive life outcomes over those not so well endowed. Our goal is to help you towards emotional balance and have the ability to regulate your emotions while living from a heart that is alive and full of passion and desire. It is both a privilege and an honor to walk with you in your life journey. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to minister to you.


State Regulation:

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies has the general responsibility of regulating the practice of unlicensed individuals who practice psychotherapy, licensed psychologists, licensed social workers, licensed professional counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists and licensed school psychologists practicing outside the school setting.


The agency within the Department that has responsibility for licensed and unlicensed psychotherapists is the Department of Regulatory Agencies, Mental Health Section, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1350, Denver, Colorado, 80203, (303) 894-7766. Both Bill and Janean are registered with the state as unlicensed psychotherapists.



It is required by state law that we have this Disclosure Statement and the Client Information paperwork at your initial session, and to have the Group Covenant signed two weeks before the retreat. All other paperwork needs to be turned in by the next session.


Telephone Calls, Texts and Email:

When you call our office at 719-290-6985 and we are either away from our office or with a client the call will be transferred to voice mail. Please leave times that we can reach you by telephone. We retrieve voice mail messages regularly during office hours Mon. – Thurs. Friday is our Sabbath Day unless we have an intensive scheduled. We will return phone calls during business hours as soon as we are able, almost always within 24 hours. In a clinical emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


We do not charge for brief conversations.  However, any discussion that goes beyond five minutes will be billed to you on a pro-rated basis.


Please use email for making or cancelling appointments or inquiring about an Intimacy Experience or Soul Care document. In order to give you the best care we reserve your session to counsel or discuss your treatment. We cannot counsel individuals over email. Therefore, any lengthy emails that takes longer than one minute to read and respond to will be billed to you on a pro-rated basis.


Clinical Sex Therapy Protocols for Self-Study:

Clients can purchase clinical study-at-home protocols for specific sexual dysfunctions such as the: Low Desire Protocol, Inhibited Orgasm or Anorgasmia (inability to orgasm) Protocol for either men or women, Vaginismus Pain Disorder Protocol, Premature Ejaculation Protocol, and Erectile Dysfunction Protocol or an Engaged or Newlywed Protocol to prepare for marriage. These are clinical sex therapy prescriptions for these particular disorders, in which the client is led through a 6-month protocol to deal with that particular disorder. Clients do these at their own pace, but we have the protocols set up so that the client is led through 3 Intimacy Experiences per week either alone or with their spouse. These are clinical in nature, and are what all clinical sex therapists prescribe, but we have created them to be highly spiritual in nature with a strong emphasis on building intimacy with the Lord along with being intimate with your spouse. They include some Christian-mind-body work, but it is basic, and not what we can do in personal counseling sessions. These protocols are created for a couple who have minor issues, and neither the husband or wife have unresolved trauma in their past. Some clients get support from a marriage and family therapist for the trauma work that live in their area and do the sex therapy protocol at home.. Unless a counselor has had specific clinical training and certification in sex therapy, they are not qualified to work with those issues so the protocols can be utilized instead. An initial appt. for diagnosis, or a Sexual Assessment must be completed before these can be purchased. Each of these protocols include one check-in appt. with us about half way through the protocol to problem solve, but they don’t include personal counseling services with us.   



Individual, marriage and family personal counseling appointments can last 50 minutes or 80 minutes, depending on whether or not we are doing mind-body work. Intensive counseling can last 2 to 40 hours. Spiritual Formation Counseling Retreats last 3 or 4 days (usually from a Thursday night to a Sunday night).



Since your appointment time is reserved for you only, the following financial contributions will be made for late cancellations and no show appointments:


Over 48 hour weekday notice – No charge


Intensives (2 hours and up to 3 hours) require a one week notice


Intensives 3 hours or more will lose the 50% deposit that was paid when the intensive was scheduled and the remaining balance will be due in 24 hours.


Less than 48 hour weekday notice before your appointment time or less than one week (for 2-3 hour intensives only), or a failure to show will pay the full clinet fee. We will keep a credit card on file to charge your credit card the counseling fee in case of this happening. If your credit card is denied, the clinet must make the payment of the fee within 24 hours of the missed session. 


Important! As a courtesy to other clients as well as to our ministry, a minimum of a weekday 48 hour cancellation notice is required for 50 to 80 minute appointments. The deadline for a Monday appointment (under 2 hours) is Thursday before your appointment time. The deadline for a Tuesday appointment is Friday before your appointment time.


For intensives (2 hours and up to 3 hours) a one week notice is required. We require a 50% deposit for intensives 3 hours or over. The deposit for intensives over 3 hours or over is non-refundable and the remaining balance will be charged or due at the beginning of the intensive.


Please be advised that appointments scheduled after normal work hours from 4:30 into the evening are prime time appointments. Because there are limited appointments available during those times and they are very much in demand by other working clients, we ask you, if at all possible to give us more than a 48 hour notice for evening appointments.


Late Arrivals:

If a client arrives late to their counseling session, we will not be able to complete the full counseling session so as not to interrupt the next appointment. If the client has not arrived within 15 minutes after their appointment was scheduled, and they have not called or texted our business cell phone @ 719-290-6985, then we will consider the client a “no show” and we will leave the office.    


Client Fees or Donation:

We believe and teach New Covenant Giving. “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:8). New Covenant Giving is a love response based on an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and replaces obligation and works. We accept donations over and above your fee to subsidize the cost of low income clients or missionaries.

The fee for a 50 minute counseling session is $150.00 an 80 minute session is $225.00. Spiritual Formation Counseling Groups have a set fee.

For any special circumstances, please discuss it with us so we can make other arrangements. Please have your check filled out and presented to us before the session begins. Checks should be made out to Janean Fuller. We also take cash and credit cards (excluding American Express). There is a 4% convenience fee on each transaction to use a credit card. If your check returns to us unpaid, you will need to pay a bounced check fee of $25.00 plus the amount of the check within 24 hours.



In the context of our relationship, you can be assured of complete confidentiality. We will not disclose your identity, without your expressed permission.


Janean may be supervised by another professional counselor (currently this is Doug Rosenau Ph.D.) and may consult with other professionals for the benefit of your receiving the best possible care. No disclosing information is shared such as your identity, place of employment or name however a general overview about your case will be discussed.


There are some limits to confidentiality as provided by law. These include:

  • Where there is reasonable suspicion of abuse of children or elderly persons;
  • When the person presents a serious danger of violence to another;
  • When the person is likely to harm himself or herself unless protective measures are taken; and
  • Where release of records is court mandated

Our Intern:

We have a student intern Sarah Eskenazi who does intake calls, assistant duties and at various times will sit in on appointments for observation, if you are open to this and we have your permission. She is also taking on new clients who cannot afford our fee. Bill and Janean are one entity and may communicate with one another regarding your case. With your permission, and if Sarah sits in on an appointment, she will obviously be aware of your case and we will communicate with her about it. However, if you are seeing her alone as referral from us, she and her spiritual direction practice is a separate entity from us.

Client/Therapist and Spiritual Directee/Spiritual Director Relationships:

All counseling/spiritual direction is voluntary and you are encouraged to seek a second opinion from another therapist/spiritual director if you are uncomfortable with the counseling/spiritual direction methods or procedures and are unable to resolve your uneasiness with your therapist/spiritual director. You are free to terminate therapy at any time, however please discuss it with your therapist/spiritual director before doing so. It is best for your healing and care to dialogue about how long your counseling relationship should go on, since the therapist/spiritual director has had training to know when you are moving toward wholeness. Finally, the client/counselor or spiritual directee/spiritual director relationship is professional and sexual intimacy is never appropriate.

Counseling/Spiritual Direction is a process that involves you as well as the therapist/spiritual director. The therapist/spiritual director facilitates the session; however you need to be willing and open to participate in what the Spirit is doing by doing three things, 1. Making a commitment to make you’re weekly counseling appointments a priority with your time and finances, and committing to allowing the Lord to heal you with the Christian mind-body work 2. Complete three soul care/intimacy experiences at home, and 3. Attend a spiritual formation counseling retreat within 3 months of beginning counseling with us. You will be asked to and required to participate in the Christian mind-body work and complete soul care/Intimacy Experiences at home to facilitate this transformation within you. It is beneficial to continue to process what has been explored in your session with contemplative thought, prayer, intimacy experiences, collarbone statements, readings, algorithms and/or journaling. If you are seeing us as a couple for intimacy issues or as a single struggling with sexual identity or sexual acting out /repression issues we will require you to attend a spiritual formation retreat within 3 months of beginning counseling. You will also be asked to make your weekly counseling appointments a priority with your time and finances. If you are not willing or open to do these things our counseling relationship is not a good fit and we cannot continue seeing you.

No guarantees can be given about results, since so much depends on you. Per our professional or spiritual discretion we may counsel you together as a couple or you may be assigned to one of us permanently or for a period of time.However, please let us know what your preferences are, although we cannot guarantee that you will have both of us present or be able to see a particular therapist/spiritual director. One of us may be absent due to illness or other obligations or emergencies at the last minute, but one of us will still be counsel you for your session. Please be aware that the majority of therapists who counsel together charge double the fee.

Therapy Dog:

We have a dog named Theo, a golden retriever who is currently in training to become a therapy dog. At this point he loves to come to work and provide support, but he has not been certified as of yet. If you are allergic to or afraid of dogs, please let us know and we will put him in the car for your 50 minute session. For longer appointments or intensives we need a 24 hour notice so that we don’t bring him to our office. If you prefer not to have him minister to you we can ask him to stay on his blanket behind our chairs, other wise he will be allowed to come over lay at your feet, sit next to you on the couch, lay his head on your lap or put a paw on your knee if he discerns that you are in need of his support. He has developed an awareness of spiritual warfare and often comes over to stand at attention while a client breaks agreements, lies and vows with the enemy.

Sarah Eskenazi (intern):

We have a student intern Sarah Eskenazi who does intake calls, assistant duties and at various times will sit in on appointments for observation, if you are open to this and we have your permission. She is also taking on new clients who cannot afford our fee. Bill and Janean are one entity and may communicate with one another regarding your case. With your permission, and if Sarah sits in on an appointment, she will obviously be aware of your case and we will communicate with her about it. However, if you are seeing her alone as referral from us, she and her spiritual direction practice is a separate entity from us.

Sarah has just returned from a two year training with (YWAM) Youth with a Mission, and has been certified in spiritual direction and healing prayer with their organization. She is also certified as a beginner level practitioner with the Christian mind-body work from the Splankna Institute. Her fees for spiritual director are much lower than our clinical fees. Many clients utilize her for the Christian mind-body work and do a study-at-home clinical protocol they purchase from us for the specific sexual issues they are struggling with when we are either completely booked or the client cannot afford our fees. If this is your situation, please consider seeing Sarah. Be aware that Sarah is supervised by Janean in the Christian mind body work, but she is a separate entity and she is a spiritual director and not associated with our counseling practice. As an intern, she handles our intake calls, observes some sessions for supervision (with your permission) and is a personal assistant for our ministry.