Welcome! We want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to minister to you. It will be both a privilege and an honor to walk with you in your life journey! Whether you live in San Francisco or out of the area/ country – we can help!

You are not alone – 57% of couples have sexual dysfunctions or problems. The Lord does not want you to struggle alone silently, He wants to heal your current or past emotional pain/trauma that has stolen the joy and beauty of being your spouse’s “one flesh", passionate lover. Especially since it’s the only time you are “one" emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’s the most important aspect of your relationship (even above parenting, paying the bills, work responsibilities, being friends or ministry partners) and it’s too important to ignore! 

We offer traditional talk therapy, healing prayer/spiritual warfare, Christian mind-body work, clinical “Intimacy Experiences" and Romantic Intimacy Retreats, which bring the Lord’s healing touch to the intimacy in your marriage.

We also provide sexual healing for singles who desire to live a celibate lifestyle without killing off their feminine or masculine heart. 

Sex Therapist San Francisco


What is Sex Therapy?

Couples-counseling-San-FranciscoFor couples: Christian Sex Therapy is the education, treatment, and healing of sexual dysfunctions in these 4 areas: desire/libido differences, arousal issues, orgasmic problems, and/or pain disorders so the “one flesh" couple can celebrate their God-given sexuality in their marriage and be able to fully express their masculine and feminine souls.  If you want to learn more about Sex Therapy and Intimacy Coaching we recommend Kai Wu, she has shown that she is capable of understanding every situation. 

For Singles: Our hope for you is that you will integrate a sexual theology within God’s economy along with your feminine or masculine soul without killing off your heart or giving into your carnal desires. Hopefully, this would lead to an embracing of your God-given sexuality and identity in Christ and use it to glorify the Lord, honor the Body of Christ and your future Adam/Eve and prepare you for your future marriage. Read more about Intimacy Coach  in www.sensualhealingharmony.com

We combine the education and experience of a former small groups pastor and current spiritual formation director (Bill) who have completed the Human Sexuality certification through the American Association of Christian Counselors along with his wife’s (Janean) education and experience. Janean has completed her advanced, postgraduate, clinical Christian sex therapy (150 hours) training at the Institute for Sexual Wholeness and was supervised by the nationally renowned Christian Sex Therapist and author of Celebration of Sex, Dr. Doug Rosenau.
watch this small video to understand more——>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r4j0lpD5l8

We provide Christian Sex Therapy for:

  • Singles (who desire to live a celibate lifestyle while embracing their sexuality)
  • Couples (marriage and pre-marital) counseling 

We provide Christian Sex Therapy in the forms of:


  • Weekly individual or couples counseling sessions in the office with Bill and/or Janean utilizing talk therapy, Christian mind-body work, healing prayer and spiritual warfare. Each session is led by the Holy Spirit. He knows you better than we do! You will complete clinical and spiritual “Intimacy Experiences" and/or “Soul Care" at home.
  • Intensive individual or couples counseling over the course of several hours or days in the office with Bill and/or Janean for clients who either live inside or outside the San Francisco area utilizing talk therapy, Christian mind-body work, healing prayer and spiritual warfare. Each session is led by the Holy Spirit. He knows you better than we do! You will complete clinical and spiritual “Intimacy Experiences" and/or “Soul Care" at home. Read more about us here
  • Weekly phone or Skype counseling utilizing talk therapy, limited Christian mind-body work protocols, healing prayer and spiritual warfare for clients outside the San Francisco area. Again your sessions will be led by the Holy Spirit! Couples or individuals will also complete clinical and spiritual “Intimacy Experiences" and/or “Soul Care" at home.
  • Romantic Intimacy Counseling Retreats in person for clients who live near Colorado Springs.
  • Virtual Romantic Intimacy Counseling Retreats via Skype video groups for clients outside the San Francisco area.
  • For sexual issues that are less severe, individuals and couples can purchase “study-at-home" protocols that will be completed on a weekly basis for specific intimacy problems. These protocols always involve an initial counseling session with us to determine what you are struggling with and whether or not the “study-at-home" treatment protocols will work for you and which “study-at-home" protocol would be best for your issue. They also include two check-ins, follow-up sessions (the first 1/4 of the way through and another 1/2 way through completing the designated protocol). At any time, if you hit a roadblock, you can purchase additional counseling sessions with us. This is truly an affordable option for those with less severe intimacy issues!


During your initial session (in person, on the phone or video counseling), you will discuss with both Bill and Janean your issues and your longings regarding your intimacy together as an individual and/or as a couple. Future sessions will include an assessment of both the individuals or husband and wife’s sexual stories, (which may take up to 6-9 sessions), creating a treatment plan, and then be beginning the counseling, education and healing process. The length of time will depend on the complexity of your issue, the willingness of both the husband and wife to enter into the healing process, the completion of outside “Intimacy Experiences", and/or “Soul Care" and attending a retreat. Learn more about our services 

We don’t use other secular sex therapist approaches such as client observation or using pornography, and we never suggest anything that goes against Scripture or God’s design for sexuality. We want each individual or couple to develop their own Sexual Theology within God’s economy as stated in Scripture.

All client testimonials are personal experiences with our counseling practice and are not meant to guarantee that the therapeutic results would be the same for every person.


That’s right! In fact, how your parents bonded or attached to you as a child; whether or not they met your spiritual, emotional, physical and affection needs; and how safe and intimate they were with you directly determines how you are currently able to be intimate with your spouse. Any kind of abuse or trauma you experienced also affects your ability to be intimate. And finally, your ability to be intimate with the Lord determines how intimate you can be with your spouse. The following are some of the influences which affect your ability to be intimate and also make your “marital bed” really crowded:

  • Being raised by critical, controlling, abusive, needy or neglectful parents
  • Abuse or trauma of any kind (emotional, sexual, spiritual, physical and neglect) 
  • Being objectified by another person to satisfy their needs
  • Induced shame over your sexuality as a child or adult by religion or family
  • Lack of godly, and informative sexual education by your parents
  • Previous sexual or “emotionally permiscuous" partners you’ve formed “one flesh" or emotional “soul ties" with.
  • Sexual sin before you were married

Christian Sex Therapy involves a process, whereby healing and becoming “one-flesh” with your spouse involves:

  • Telling your sexual story to your spouse and in a confidential counseling setting;
  •  Completing spiritual, emotional and physical “Intimacy Experiences" (with your spouse at home) and/or “Soul Care";
  • Attending a Couples Romantic Spiritual Formation Retreat or Embracing Your Sexuality and finally:
  • Allowing the Lord to heal those previous issues in counseling sessions utilizing Christian Mind-Body Work (healing prayer, breaking agreements, lies, and vows from spiritual warfare, and talk therapy.